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Drink Away to a Longer Life with iZumio

For years on end, people have been racking their brains about a way to extend their lives. Sometimes they are unable to go on because of a grave illness. This can occur because of a variety of factors, which could be genetic, environmental or physiological. Honestly, there is no real reason except that diet and exercise in the right doses can contribute to a healthy life izumio well lived along with keeping the body and mind hydrated.

IZumio water improves the body and increases the shelf life. Unfortunately, not many are educated about hydrogen water and they settle with tap, bore well or regular mineral water. Hydrogen water is scientifically proven to rid the body of free radicals that cause extreme fatigue and limit the quality of the life. Organs like the liver and the intestines host considerable amounts of hydrogen. Therefore, they defuse the negative energy in these pockets of the body making one feel better. When there is a limited supply of hydrogen in any part of the body, you will feel the negative impact, which ultimately cuts back on the life of the person.

Everyone goes through the natural process of ageing which are both internal (within the body) and external. The former occurs because of oxidation where the insides of the body face damage because of bad eating choices, smoking, excessive drinking or a cocktail of drugs. The healthy cells therefore are damaged which as a ripple effect causes considerable problems to the rest of the body. External factors like pollution and extreme weather conditions results in the skin and the external parts of the body to corrode.

Hydrogen is known as the fuel of life. It slows down the ageing process and gives one the ability to live longer. A packet of IZumio water drunk every day works as a protective mechanism because it is the ideal antioxidant. Since the water is not only designed to make your life, better it also slows down the ageing process and keeps one healthy. Instead of trying out a variety of brands that claim to have the exiler of life, how about switching over to hydrogen water and seeing the difference.

Dead cells in the body are removed in favor of new and healthy ones. The website has plenty of information to whet the appetite on the pros of the drink. From a simple perspective, a sip of this wonder drink will keep you healthy and give you a long lease of life, period.

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 How does water detox your body?

From the name itself it is evident that an antioxidant aids in controlling the oxidation process involving other molecules. Hence it is evident that an anti-oxidant is basically a protector. Thus an antioxidant helps protect the body from harm caused by chemical processes like oxidation. Oxidation helps facilitate a series of chain reaction that can adversely affect the human cells. There are two types of antioxidants: the antioxidant that are found in the nutrients of the food we eat daily; and the chemical kind that act as preservative when added to food by controlling oxidation. The former is needed for the healthy functioning of the human body.
Antioxidant is one of the most widely used word in the biological space. One of the most often asked question is: How do I know which antioxidant is the most effective? An ionizer of water is able to create the OH-, that contains a very potent antioxidant. One major reason being it is the tiniest of the elements and can very swiftly get inside the body. Water found in lakes and trickling down from glaciers is the purest form of water and is very good as an antioxidant. One major reason behind this is the speed of water flowing down the mountain helps in ionization, simultaneously helping in absorbing as much nutrients as possible. Thus it is said that Izumio drinking water is indeed a very good antioxidant.
Water: the antioxidant:
There are various types of food that will help in anti-oxidation process. These food which act as good antioxidants often become a part and parcel of the diet and help in keeping the body healthy. Many are not aware that hydration is a process of inhibiting oxidation. This means that water is a good antioxidant. Thus water is a much needed antioxidant. Doctors always recommend drinking lots of water apart from just having medicines for diseases and disorders like irritation and irregular bowel movement, digestive problems, eczema, diabetes, high level of blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, skin problems and also for steep stress level. Water is also beneficial for protection of your DNA.
Izumio drinking water is a very potent antioxidant. It helps prevent many ailments. Water not only helps to control your appetite but also increases metabolism. This prevents obesity and many allied ailments. Drinking water helps to rejuvenate the skin along with reduced signs of aging. Hence for the body to remain healthy and good, drinking water is essential and crucial.

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Lutein Can be a Great Ally for Eyes

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What are the Food Sources of Lutein and How Does it Boost the Health of Your Body

Try telling kids to eat their veggies and you will have to deal with grumpy faces for the rest of the day. When the same kids grow up, they realize that there was some truth in what mom told them all along. Let us look at some of the food sources and the lutein benefits that play a vital role in boosting the immune system in the body.

Cruciferous Vegetables

This group of veggies is hardly a favorite with kids or even adults, but they are highly advantageous because of the carotenoid content. You find them in broccoli, cabbage, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, wasabi, and many others. To improve the taste of these veggies, add them in soups, salads, make cutlets, stir-fries and even roasts!

Starchy Goodies & Greens

Peas and corn are vegetables that most people relish but give you heartburn if you over indulge. Another tasty vegetable included as a starchy accompaniment is zucchini. Greens like so with fresh spinach are an amazing source of the carotenoid. Chopped fresh in salads or boiled without frying gives you the dose for the day.

The Other Veggies

Carrots are ideal snacks, go well in a salad, are great accompaniments and infuse their charm in soups. Tomatoes also make the cut as a good food source of the carotenoid. Green bell peppers are not everyone’s favorite but the yellow and red varieties that are not that strong, are easy to digest and cook. Used in salads, stir-fries, barbeques, this vegetable adds to the amazing lutein benefits .


Fruits like apples, oranges, mangoes, raspberries, strawberries, and anything that has a mix of red or orange work very well on the body. If you are not one for chomping away at them, try making a fruit juice or smoothie and have your fill for the day. Grapes also make the cut in this category.

Eggs and Spices

Without adequate amounts of protein in the body, it automatically shuts off. Eggs play a vital role as they have the highest amounts of lutein content. The only negative is that while the yolks have the best taste and high lutein, they do increase high levels of bad cholesterol. Season the eggs with paprika and cayenne pepper (also pumped with the carotenoid) and you will be free.

The best advice is to get the right amounts in the body without overstretching. You can find quite a lot of information on about the pros of including the right foods that boost the body and improve the mind.

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Lutein Supplements Against AMRD

Age-related macular degeneration is a degenerative eye disorder that is age-related and it is known to be one of the leading causes of visual impairment and acquired blindness. This disease affects about 5% of the individuals that are over the age of 65. There are two types of ARMD (wet ARMD and dry ARMD). One type i.e. dry ARMD has shown very good response to treatments using dietary manipulation and intervention.

Lutein is one of the 600 known carotenoids that are naturally present and works as an antioxidant. It also helps with the treatment of this disorder. It is a xanthophyll that can be found in many different plants and vegetables. However, each individual’s capacity of absorbing nutrients from food is different. Hence, consuming lutein in the form of capsules is preferred as it is more concentrated and is absorbed by the body easily as it is in the pure crystalline form.

Lutein builds up in the lens of the eye and the retina and is known to protect the eye from damage by free radicals and oxidative stress. Higher concentrations of lutein have shown less risk of development of ARMD in that individual. Dr. Johanna M. Seddon as well as his associates from Harvard University figured that a minimum of 6 mg/day of lutein can lead to a 43% lower risk for ARMD. Lutein supplements in the form of capsules can be taken, but the dose should remain between 6-20 mg/day. It is better to take this capsule during meal time as it is shown that the absorption of lutein can be facilitated with the help of small amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil.

At the moment, measuring the amount of macular pigment in a living organism is not yet possible. Hence, those individuals who are at higher risk of suffering from this disorder cannot be identified. Thus, it is important that everyone take the required precautions to prevent ARMD. In the future, with the help of technology, the individuals who are most at risk can be identified and also the exact amount of lutein supplements dose required by each individual can be identified.

It is important that everyone pay attention to their own nutritional needs and have knowledge as to which supplements are useful in what way, thus preventing a disease is better than trying to cure the damage that is already done. Although nutritional supplements are highly recommended, they should always be taken after consulting a physician.

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Signs that indicate you need Lutein supplements

Lutein that is present in the retina of the eyes helps us in having 3-D views of the objects we look at. But if lutein levels come down in our eyes, we may be affected by several issues, including vision loss, cataracts, etc.

You have to get lutein only through the foods you eat because the human body does not produce it. Some of the foods that can supply adequate amounts of lutein to you are leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, sweet corn and egg yolks.

But many of us do not care to take these foods on a daily basis, which means we do not get adequate amounts of lutein for the eyes. Due to this negligence, there may be issues with our eyes.

It is true that as we age, there may be issues like gradual loss of vision, cataracts, etc. But these issues can be avoided even if we age. Lutein can help us do so. But if we do not consume the foods that contain this substance on a regular basis, how can we avoid these issues? The only solution is to opt for supplements for supplying lutein to the eyes.

The question now is: should we wait for these issues to occur before taking these supplements? The answer to this question is an emphatic “no”. If we ensure we get adequate lutein even before these issues crop up, we can rest assured that we will never be affected by them. That is the reason experts advise that we should take the preventive step of taking these supplements even before we face issues.

Let us now look at some of the signs that indicate you need to consume lutein supplements in order to compensate for the shortfall you may have in getting this.

Remember that the symptoms may only be subtle.

  1. The first sign is that you may feel that you need brighter light than usual for reading.
  1. When you try to read printed words, you may not be able to see them clearly. In other words, they may appear to be blurry.
  1. Likewise, when you look at colors, they may look duller though they may really be bright.
  1. Blind spots that are also called blurry spots may occur within your visual field.
  1. There may be visual distortions also. For example, a straight line may look like a crooked line.

This is not an exhaustive list but these are clear indicators to show that you need to act swiftly and start taking lutein supplements. Of course, you can bring about changes in your eating habits so you can have adequate lutein for eyes and accelerate the cure for your problem.

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All about Injectable fillers

Dark circles under the eyes are usually the first thing that is visible on anybody’s face. These dark circles show that the person is tired or stressed out, or is probably going through the ageing process. However, there are now some wonderful dark eye circle treatments that can help in removing the dark circles.

Injectable fillers

There are dermal fillers that can be injected into the skin to bring back the lost volume. These are gel-like substances that can be used for smoothening the wrinkles and creases and also helps in enhancing facial contours. These can also help in adding volume to the lips to make them look fuller. This non-invasive procedure can help one in looking younger without having to go under the knife.

Fillers – What do they include?

Fillers are formulated in such a way that they target the texture and density of the particular areas. These include:

* Hyaluronic Acid: This is a substance that is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated

and refreshed. Therefore, HA fillers are used for bringing back the plumpness of the


* Calcium Hydroxylapatite: This substance is found in the bones and the deficiency of

this can lead to wrinkles and creases. The filler made of this can help in stimulating

the production of collagen and can produce long-lasting results.

* Poly-L-Lactic Acid: This is a biodegradable substance that is usually used in medical

devices for dissolvable stitches. These are also useful for stimulating collagen

production and for treating the wrinkles.

* Poly-methyl-methacrylate: Another biocompatible substance that is useful in

providing continued support to the skin. It gives firmness and grip to the skin.

Injectable fillers – Treatment

Injectable fillers are non-surgical and do not require a person to be admitted into the hospital. This can be easily done in the clinic after a prior consultation. After cleaning up the area, a topical anaesthetic will be given to numb the area so that the injection doesn’t cause pain. Some of the fillers also have lidocaine, which helps in minimizing the pain and discomfort during the procedure. The patient would be back to normal within a day and can resume his work.

The results of fillers are usually long lasting, depending on the treatment and the problem. With the help of the right dark eye circle treatment a person will be able to get back the confidence they lost and can lead a smarter-looking life.

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Preparing for facelift surgery

Prior to your facelift, your surgeon will assess your medical history to check for conditions that may interfere with the surgery or the healing process after the facelift. Questions like what you should have on hand for your recovery and what to eat are normal to come up while preparing for a facelift surgery.
The initial step is consulting a good surgeon, who would further review your medical history, do a physical exam, and discuss your expectations.


The consultations that you have before a facelift procedure will provide valuable information about your plastic surgeon. This will help the patients to develop a rapport with their surgeon, confirm their credentials and feel more at ease about their procedure once they know that their surgeon has the skill and experience to deliver the best possible results, just as promised.
The patients could discuss with the surgeon about the parts they would like to improve and learn about the procedures that can yield the best outcomes. Through this, they can get a factualist understanding about the surgery.

The kind of candidates

The skin condition and texture are actually a good deal more important when it comes to planning a procedure than the age of the candidate. Though the process is comparatively simple, not everyone is suitable for this. The best candidate for this sort of surgery will have decent skin elasticity, a sturdy bone structure and free skin on their face or neck.
The candidate should be generally healthy, and should inform his/her surgeon about any pre-existing medical conditions. He/she should also understand the limitations of the surgery, as nobody can look twenty again and any attempt to create such a degree of change would be foolish.

Learning about aging

Age is not an important factor, as most people who undergo the surgery range from an age group as young as 30 years, to as old as 70 years. It is always better to consult a qualified surgeon, who would evaluate your facial skin and texture, and make suggestions and recommendations based on this.
Today, people belonging to the age group of 50 and above are opting for cosmetic procedures in increasing numbers. These procedures include skin resurfacing, filler and Botox treatments and facelifts in Singapore The surgeon will carefully assess each individual case, taking their personal health and circumstances into consideration before confirm a patient for a cosmetic procedure.

Smoking and other medications

The patient will be advised to stop smoking for a certain period of time prior to the surgery. Tobacco contains nicotine, which could hamper the free flow of oxygen in the blood. This can lead to slow healing and increase the level of complications.
Medications such as aspirin, which cause blood thinning, and certain herbal supplements and vitamin E should be temporarily stopped.
It is important to avoid alcohol one night before the procedure. Patients should also get a good night’s sleep, since rest is very important for successful surgery.

Day of the surgery

A standard facelift procedure can usually be expected to take around two to four hours to complete; however this may change depending on the scale and complexity of the work required. For extensive treatments, your doctor may schedule two separate sessions. Some surgeons complete one side of the face at a time, while others alternate from one side to the other throughout the procedure.

After surgery and recovery

After surgery, your incisions will be covered with huge bandages, which provide mild pressure to lessen swelling and hurting. Rest is essential for a period of two to three weeks. While resting, your head should be raised and take pain medicines as suggested by your physician. Avoid exposing your cuts to excessive movement or pressure.

It’s perfectly normal to see a bit of bruising/swelling on one or both sides of your face and neck, around your eyes or even behind your ears, by the second week of your recovery. Although you will see the bruises healing by the fourth day after surgery, the real progress is made in the second or third week. But it would still take a week or two before you can expect all visible bruising and swelling to be gone. Even after the swelling has subsided, blow-drying your hair and wearing earrings may be prohibited for a longer period of time. You should try to minimize your exposure to intense physical exertion like housework, exercise and sexual activity for at least two weeks after the surgery. Drinking alcohol and exposure to extreme temperatures such as in a sauna, very hot showers or steam rooms should also be avoided for a period of several months after the procedure.

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How Does Lutein Benefit You?

That lutein plays an important role in maintaining your health is a proven fact. This means you should ensure to get sufficient quantity of this for staying healthy. Foods such as eggs, corn, and green and leafy vegetables can help you get lutein. But are you eating these items regularly?

In the fast-paced lifestyle we lead, eating to satiate our appetite has itself become a tall order. This being the case, choosing the right foods and eating them on a regular basis may be more difficult for you. It is due to this fact you are advised to go for lutein supplements offered by reputed companies so you need not worry about your health.

Lutein can bestow immense health benefits on body parts such as stomach, skin, eyes, brain and hair. Let us now have a look at how it can help the health of the eyes and the brain.


As you age, you may observe that you are not able to see things as clearly as you used when you were young. Nonetheless, there are a number of young people who are affected by issues such as vision loss, cataract, etc. because they do not get the required doses of lutein. Experts advise that you cannot afford to take liberties with the health of your eyes. Especially if you are exposed to pollution that is the hot-bed for free radicals, you are likely to face these issues with your eyes.

Experts firmly opine that lutein is the “ultimate friend” for the eyes. Even first person accounts of a number of users of lutein supplements vouch for their efficacy in preventing issues with the eyes. In other words, we can counter the ill-effects of free radicals by taking these supplements on a regular basis.


The human brain is a wonderful organ but it can work remarkably well only if there is adequate blood supply to it. The oxidative qualities of free radicals can affect the blood supply to the brain as well. This means we should counter the negative effects of these bad elements. Lutein supplements will help in nullifying such negative effects so blood is made available to the brain in sufficient quantities.

Therefore, you are advised to ensure that you get enough lutein in your diet. If you are not in the habit of eating egg yolks, fruits, corn and green and leafy vegetables on a regular basis, you must go for these supplements for having healthy eyes and a well-functioning brain.

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The Wonderful Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen, the lightest element in the periodic table, combines with another hydrogen atom to form the hydrogen molecule (H2). Owing to its lightness, hydrogen escapes from the atmosphere very easily. Generally, it is available in combination with other elements in different compounds. The hydrogen molecule has captured the imagination of scientists interested in finding an effective method to treat chronic diseases.

The most convenient and effective way to get hydrogen into the body is to drink water enriched with hydrogen like Izumio Hydrogen Water. Either through electrolysis or through a chemical reaction with magnesium, free hydrogen (H2) is separated from the water molecule (H2O). The freshly extracted hydrogen remains dissolved in the water. When this water is consumed, the body splits the hydrogen molecule into two hydrogen ions (H+). Owing to its small size and extraordinary lightness, the hydrogen ion can easily penetrate the cell membrane and the blood-brain barrier.

To understand how hydrogen heals the body, it is essential to know how oxygen affects the body. Oxygen is vital for survival and is an essential ingredient in many of the chemical processes taking place in our body. However, oxygen can have some harmful effects. Owing to its highly reactive nature, many chemical reactions in our bodies result in the production of a class of extremely dangerous molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS). These oxygen containing molecules are extremely unstable and they become stable through a process called oxidation. The results of oxidation are cell damage and the creation of more unstable ROS molecules. Thus, a chain reaction is started that can cause considerable damage to human tissue.

Anti-oxidants are molecules that neutralize these unstable ROS molecules and as a result eliminate the damage they can cause. The hydrogen in the water enriched with hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes the hydroxyl ion (OH), a dangerous ROS molecule that can cause deadly cell damage. Owing to this anti-oxidising property, hydrogen can not only restrict but also reverse the damage caused by ROS. The studies conducted so far have revealed a remarkable ability of hydrogen to treat chronic diseases like atherosclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. The effectiveness of drinking hydrogenated water in preventing aging is also an interesting area of study. Hydrogen also has anti-inflammatory properties that can be very useful in combating rheumatoid arthritis.

Izumio Hydrogen Water is a brand of hydrogen water with the highest level of hydrogen in the market today. The potential of this water to transform the way disease is treated is truly spectacular.

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The Wonderful Benefits of a Laser Facial

The effects of ageing on the human face lead to wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. Additionally, exposure to the sun and rampant pollution can also damage the skin. A facial consists of a group of procedures like steaming, exfoliation, extraction, creams, facial masks, peels, and massages used to eliminate skin defects and rejuvenate skin tissue. While facials have numerous benefits, a new type of treatment promises much better results than a traditional facial. This is the Laser Facial, a skin treatment that uses laser technology to improve the skin.

What are the advantages of a Laser Facial when compared with a regular facial at the beauty parlour? Let us first see what a laser is and how it works.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Owing to the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation and the amplification of the electromagnetic radiation produced, the laser emits a beam of light that is highly coherent. The distinctive feature of a laser that differentiates it from sources of light is its coherence. As a result, light emitted from a laser can be focussed on a surface with a very small area with high power per unit area. The latter property of a laser is used in a Laser Facial.

While lasers with shorter wavelength are used to cut tissue in ophthalmology and dermatology, the laser used in a Laser Facial has a long wavelength in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The laser penetrates deep into the skin without causing any damage to the top layer of the skin. The inner layers of the skin are stimulated to produce collagen. Owing to this stimulation of collagen, the skin resurfaces looking younger and healthier. The key advantage in a Laser Facial when compared with a regular facial is that the skin defect is corrected deep within the skin, resulting in a much more improved appearance that lasts for a longer period of time.

Although customers might be hesitant to try a laser treatment for the face, a Laser Facial is an outpatient procedure that lasts less than thirty minutes. Unlike other surgical procedures to eliminate wrinkles and scarring, a Laser Facial does not involve making an incision. The procedure is mostly pain free and any lingering sensations will go away after a few hours. Only people suffering from a significant amount of acne will not be suited for this treatment. Also, the benefits of this procedure will be less pronounced in a person with a darker skin tone.

Finally, it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist to see if this procedure is suitable for you.

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Laser treatment v/s fillers for your skin

Volume loss, skin sagging and change in skin texture are the three most common types of aging problems. The good news however is that there are many anti-aging measures and techniques which help in overcoming these problems, not limited to surgical procedures but non-surgical ones too. Fillers, neurotoxins and lasers are some of these and each of these individually or in combination can do wonders to rejuvenate your skin.

Laser Treatment – When your skin is exposed to the sun for long hours, your skin tends to lose elastin and collagen. A reduced level of elastin and collagen causes wrinkles and deep lines, which usually cannot be treated with cheek fillers . A skin damaged due to the sun, stress or age as early as in 30s can be effectively cured with laser treatment. Laser treatment works by removing the top layers of skin. As a result, the body automatically begins to produce new cells and the skin healing process begins. The new skin looks younger and glows.

While laser techniques are a completely safe and painless technique, one must get their skin examined by a dermatologist. The technique is extremely effective not just to get smooth and healthy skin but can also correct skin discoloration and give a toned appearance.

* Laser types – Primarily there are three types of laser treatments namely ablative, fractionated and intense pulse.

o Ablative is suitable for scar removal as it is mildest of all.

o Fractionated lasers target only the affected area using a focused beam without touching the surrounding skin area. Wrinkles and fine lines are best removed with this laser.

o A problematic blood vessel under the skin or any discoloration can be corrected with an intense pulse light.

Filler Treatment – Hyaluronic acid in our body is responsible for the fullness of our skin. When a baby is born, the skin has plenty of this acid. However, the levels slowly begin to deplete as we become older. These reduced levels cause wrinkles and fine line development. Fillers are usually injected in the impacted skin area and give a smooth output by giving a lift to the skin from under.

Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are injected using tiny needles. The treatment is quick and does not cause any discomfort to the patient and the best part is that the outcome is almost seen immediately. Fillers are in particular very effective when it comes to treating a wide range of delicate areas like the cheek, lips, crow’s feet, chin and hands and these do not leave any scars.

Before undertaking ant treatment, do consult a medical practitioner who can analyze and recommend the treatment. The unnatural look usually is not as a result of a single mistake but can have multiple factors associated.

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Simple Techniques to Improve Face Shape

The advances in cosmetic surgery in the last twenty years have been truly spectacular. The remarkable accomplishments in plastic surgery that we are witnessing today are primarily due to the advances in laser technology and computer applications. Laser treatment for face beautification has led to the development of many procedures that do not involve making incisions in the skin. A few examples of these procedures include not only the removal of wrinkles, lines and scars from the face but also the stimulation of the skin’s dermis to produce more collagen.

One of the amazing achievements in cosmetic surgery is the redesigning of the facial bone structure. The procedure is only ten to fifteen years old and it was pioneered by doctors in South Korea who alone have the expertise required to do this complicated surgery today. However a few doctors in Singapore are claiming that they can alter the shape of a person’s face using techniques that do not involve making any incisions. As a consequence, the recovery time after the procedure is much shorter. The rest of this article will focus on the procedures developed by these Singaporean surgeons.

A V-shaped face consists of an oval shaped face that flows into a sharper chin. The result is a shapely and well defined jawline. Many women desire this type of face because they consider it to be more feminine. A few non-invasive cosmetic techniques that can help women achieve that beautiful V shaped face are described below.

The first technique uses Botox to weaken the masseters, which are the chewing muscles located on the jaw. Owing to the presence of bigger and thicker masseters, the face can look square shaped. By weakening these muscles using Botox, the face can be transformed into a V-shaped face.

The second technique uses an Ultraformer High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to focus an intense ultrasound wave on the skin in order to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. The result is the tightening of the skin and when the HIFU is applied on the cheeks and the jaws, the face acquires that wonderful V-shape.

The third technique involves using dermal fillers to mould the chin into a much sharper shape. A Dermal Filler is a soft tissue filler that can be injected into the skin to improve the shape and the volume of the face and give the skin a smooth appearance. A high density Dermal Filler is used to give the appropriate shape to the chin.

Beauty, Botox


A V shaped face looks good and is desired by many people. It provides a more youthful look and feels amazing. Not to mention, it is attractive and highlights the facial features. In Asia, getting a V shaped face has become quite normal and many individuals are heading for cosmetic procedures. But most of them don’t want a surgery and therefore look for alternative ways of attaining a V shaped face. Below is a list of 5 alternatives that you can opt for without going under the knife.

1. Facial Yoga

Everyone knows that doing Yoga has a number of benefits on the body. Facial Yoga is a combination of facial exercise and Yoga and helps train the muscles in the face to tone down. It is an excellent and natural way to slim down your face and get a V shape. It also works for wrinkles, lines and baggy eyes. It takes barely 3-5 minutes to do the exercise and the results are amazing.

2. Face Lifting and Slimming Creams

Face lifting and slimming creams are effective when it comes to achieving a V shape face in Singapore . By using serums, creams and face masks, the face looks uplifted and gives a beautiful V shape to the face. The creams retain water for the face, giving the face a more shrunken and tightened look.

3. Makeup

Many people are not big fans of makeup and feel that it is a fake way of getting a V shape but love it or hate it; it is one of the best ways to get that perfect V shaped face. Makeup is nothing but a magic trick on the face. Apply them correctly and the results are amazing.

4. Facial Slimming Massage

There are various techniques available for slimming the face through massages. The most common type is known as the ‘Gua Sha’ and is a type of lymphatic draining technique. There are also different face massagers available in the market and they give the face a more youthful and firm look.

5. Diet

Diet is an important factor when it comes to physical appearance and one of the first regions where it affects is the face. It can easily be pointed out by looking at the face of someone who is on a diet and someone who isn’t. Salt causes the face to bloat and allows double chins to appear. A good diet will ensure that the face stays sharp and trim.

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All you need to know about pesticides for ant control

When you see hundreds of ants moving about in your home, you may start worrying. Of course, these tiny creatures may contaminate your food, though they are not likely to cause any major harm. But there is no reason to be unduly alarmed. Ant control in Singapore is not difficult to achieve at all provided you seek the help of experts.

To begin with, you must closely watch the movement of these tiny creatures. In general, they follow a path and hence, you can easily find out their entry points. You must first block these entry points after which you should check if they have their nest near the external walls or beneath the floors. You can then use the right pesticides and spray them in the nest so you can stop their entry into your home.

Apart from being social insects, ants have a powerful smell sense with the help of which they find their food and start traveling towards the spots where their food is available. Once you see ants coming in hundreds and start invading your kitchen cupboards, you must take immediate action.

Of course, had you taken the preventive steps of keeping your kitchen tops clean and not spilling food items including sweet and sugary items, you could have avoided this problem. But once you have allowed the problem to crop up, you cannot afford to ignore it lest it become a serious infestation issue.

But you should be careful while using pesticides for the following reasons:

1. Some of these pesticides may cause harm to the plants in your garden or the pets you may have. You should therefore know the ingredients of the pests and go through the instructions before using such pests or chemicals.

2. If you are not confident of deciding or choosing the right pesticides, it is better you seek the help of experts because these experts are very much aware which pesticides are safe for homes and which ones have to be avoided.

3. Using the right and safe pesticides is necessary for ant control in Singapore . If you take the wise step of seeking the help of experts, they will ensure that the problem will not recur because ants are such types of creatures that are likely to cause a nuisance year after year.

4. Apart from helping you use the right pesticides, experts will provide you with lots of advice also on how you can avoid infestations in future. They will also seal up all the cracks and holes in the doors, window-frames, etc. so ants will not be able to enter your home.

Mosquito, Pest Control

Professional Techniques Used to Treat Mosquitoes

You might have already taken the first step towards restricting the growth of mosquitoes within your premises by making sure that all standing water within your proximity is removed. Moreover, you are mowing your lawn regularly too. However, you still find mosquito issues in and around your house. Now that is a clear indication of requiring to take the second step for treating the mosquitoes. That involves contacting a reputed pest control company to support your mission of combating these mosquitoes.

One interesting thing to note is that mosquitoes can fly up to a distance of three miles from their source of origin. Pest control companies use products that can not only kill the existing mosquitoes but also repel them so that they do not invade your property. Pest control service providers use products that can eradicate mosquitoes from a few weeks to a few months when their larvae are treated in water.

Treatment of mosquitoes is typically a joint effort of reducing the breeding at the source of their origin and then applying chemical pesticides if necessary. Mosquitoes grow in water and so reducing then at the source involve removing those water sources that support their breeding. Reducing them at the source is an effective approach in the long run for the treatment of mosquitoes.

How adult mosquitoes are removed?

Your pest expert will first inspect the water sources and may treat them if necessary. This technician usually makes use of an ultra low volume or ULV mosquito logging system, turning the product used into a fine mist. Usually, mosquitoes fly brief distances prior to overheating and settle subsequently on leaves’ underside or on long grass. When a barrier is created surrounding your entire property, most of the mosquitoes will get removed due to the pest treatment and settle in the yard of your neighborhood.

Water treatment for mosquito larvae

Pest control companies would typically try to eradicate the larvae of the mosquitoes prior to reaching their adulthood so that they cannot reproduce or even worse bite you or your kids. As mentioned in the previous section, a pest control professional inspects on-standing sources of water like birdbaths, ponds or other water bodies within your premises. When he finds such sources, he will proceed forward with appropriate treatment. Good mosquito fogging in Singapore companies will use products that can eradicate mosquito larvae while not harming your other animals such as horses, dogs, and fish if they are applied according to the instructions given on the product labels.

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Proactive vs. Reactive: Comprehensive Pest Control is Both

When you want to take pest control measures for your building, you should ensure to adopt a comprehensive approach, which means your pest control Singapore cockroach strategy is both proactive and reactive . By this, it is meant that you should take steps for preventing pests from entering your building and this is the proactive part of your strategy.

Once you allow pests to enter your building, you may have to seek the help of a professional company for eliminating them and this is the reactive part of your pest control strategy. A comprehensive approach consists of both proactive and reactive steps.

What are the proactive steps?

You must keep your building, regardless of whether it is your office or your house, clean. Sweeping and mopping the floor as frequently as possible and removing the cobwebs and dirt from the walls and other areas periodically are important steps.

Similarly, you must find out the holes and cracks in the walls and wooden frames and get them sealed so you do not provide scope for pests to enter and stay in those spots.

What are the reactive treatments?

The key elements of a reactive treatment are detection of pests, eliminating them and monitoring to check if you have the desired results

Detection of pests

Detection of pests is not just visually confirming that they exist in your home. In fact, you may not be able to see some of the pests like termites at all because they hide in spots like structural beams, etc. You should not also commit the mistake of treating only those areas or spots where you have found evidence of active pests like termites. Remember, living in colonies is the habit of pests like termites. This means the detection task consists of locating the pest colonies, thoroughly inspecting to find out damages, if any, to the building and developing a workable plan for eliminating the pests.


The difficulty of the elimination process may vary depending on the nature of the pests. For carrying out the process, you should engage the services of those experts who possess the required knowledge about the habits of pests, the methods available for elimination, safe use of the substances that are necessary for elimination, and about devising a good and workable strategy.


Monitoring is a key component of a comprehensive pest control process. There may be occasions when you have to use more than one application or response action. Only by effectively monitoring the results of your application, you can decide whether to go for another treatment as a part of your pest control Singapore cockroach strategy. Monitoring also helps you in determining the needs of future treatments.

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Top Questions to Be Asked To Pest Control Companies

Sensible homeowners understand the importance of approaching a professional pest control company when bogged down by pest infestations. A professional pest control company will not only be equipped with superior pesticides and gadgets but their highly qualified professionals can also accomplish the treatment task much faster as compared to the homeowners who try to do it on their own.

However since there are innumerable pest control companies in the market, you need compare their services before zeroing in on one for your own house. While it is possible to control some pests on their own, on certain occasions, you need you get in touch with a professional company.

There are several easy steps that can be taken by you to ensure that the shortlisted company runs a legitimate business and will give you the service you are looking for. Some of these steps visit the web page of the concerned company, check reviews, get in touch with one of its representatives and request for references.

Here are some of those questions that can help you while interviewing the shortlisted pest control companies in Singapore so that it is easy for you to ascertain its strengths.

Is the pest control company offering you guaranteed service?

On many occasions, only one visit is not adequate to control the pest infestations in your home. A good pest control company will make a return visit at no extra cost to provide a repeat treatment in your house within a specific number of days post its maiden visit.

Do you have to sign a contract with them?

There are some service providers who may ask you to sign a contract for about a year or so and dome may even require that you make the complete payment in one go. But in several cases, giving a commitment for allowing pest control treatment for one year may not be essential so if possible, try to stay away from signing any agreement.

Are the technicians being sent to your home appropriately insured?

The technician who visits your house may have the required license to work but is he or she also bonded? Bonding refers to a type of coverage meant to cover loss due to any type of damage that may be caused to the property by a technician.

Does your family need to vacate the premises while treatment is going on?

It all depends on the kind of pesticides being used by the pest control company at your home. Certain pesticides may require you to leave your house while the treatment us conducted while others may not.

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Termites: more dangerous than you think

Termites are one of the most common and most stubborn pestilences that can infest your house. Thus it is very important to maintain a clean environment to keep a check on any kind of pest infestation in your house. Termites are one pest that takes a lot of time to get eradicated. They are not the kind of insect who bites or stings. But the main reason why they are hated, is that they tend to create maximum damage to the house and the furniture in the house. Whether you are staying in a village or an absolutely urban area like Singapore, termites are found everywhere. Therefore termite control in Singapore is also needed

There are mainly two types of termites – the dry-wood termite lives and feeds on wood. They do not need a moist environment to grow and spread. Their main target is the wooden panels and furniture in your house. They make the wood hollow and weak. The second type of termite is the subterranean termite. As the name suggests, they grow underground in colonies. These colonies move in swarms during their breeding season in winter. During spring, when they emerge from their colonies to start a new colony, is when one realizes that there is termite infestation at home. As this kind of termite moves from one nest to another, they tend to leave behind their wings as a sign of pest infestation.

Danger of termites:

Termites are one of the most hated insects in the world. Although due their non-biting and non-stinging nature they seem to be apparently harmless, they attack the inanimate objects of the house and cause a huge damage to them. Thus even the thought of termite infestation can instill fear in one’s mind. University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, has found out from a research that termites cause billions of dollar worth of damage every single year.

Termites not only pose danger to inanimate objects. They can also pose danger to human beings. They do not pose any direct harm to human beings. Unlike rats, they are also not vectors of diseases. However, those living in termite infested houses can suffer from allergies. There is also a chance of asthma attack. Apart from this, the pesticides used to control termites can be a source of harm to human beings. Thus due to these dangers, termite control in Singapore and other places is needed.

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Benefits of drinking water

Imagine a day without water. It is a task or a thought that is next to impossible. Imagining a life without water, and by water I mean drinking water, is next to impossible. The other name of water is life. Any living body has water as a major constituent. Thus drinking water is indispensable in one’s life. One must also keep in mind that drinking water is not enough, drinking pure and nutrient rich water is what is mostly required. Izumio drinking water is one such pure drinking water that is extremely good for the human body.
While at home or while travelling, one must not forget to carry a bottle of Izumio drinking water which helps in keeping blood pressure in control, prevent skin diseases and Parkinson’s disease and acts as a very good antioxidant.
Benefits of water:
Water is needed for the human body to be sustained. This is mainly because of the benefits that are obtained by drinking lots of water. Some of the benefits are:
Water helps in relieving fatigue: if you are feeling very tired, it could be because the body is dehydrated due to an inadequate amount of water in the body.
Water improves the mood: research has proven that even a very low percentage of dehydration can have a negative impact on one’s mood. Thus to keep one’s mood uplifted, it is very important to have enough water.
Water helps in digestion and constipation: a dehydrated body is also a constipated body. Water helps in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus to treat digestion problems or irritable bowel syndrome, drinking lots of water is very important.
Water is a relief for headaches and migraines: if you are having a terrible headache, then the first thing you should do is drink lots and lots of water. A study that was published by the European Journal of Neurology stated that researchers found that by increasing water intake, you can reduce the total number of hours as well as intensity of headaches.
Water as a detox agent: Water helps to maintain body fluid and washes out the toxic waste from the body. Thus for the healthy functioning of the body, adequate water is a necessity.
Water as an antioxidant: Water helps in decongestion and thereby helps in inhibiting the oxidation process that releases free radicals that harm the cells. Thus water helps in preventing harmful diseases.
These are only a few benefits of water. Water indeed has many more benefits to the human body. Thus drinking water is very important.